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The Tree of Change - Milan, Italy

Many Christmas traditions have been adjusted or even canceled this year due to safety measures in the efforts to respond to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic while still trying to maintain the Christmas spirit.

Nevertheless, the Christmas tree is one of the traditions that can withstand the Covid-19 pandemic.

Giorgio Palù, the Italian Architect, designed and built an incredibly creative Christmas tree with its pure transparency framed by steel. A unique structure reflects the city of Milan and its evolution of life under different timing, angle, and light. Beyond all the limits, the Christmas tree becomes a symbol of change that promotes sustainability, beauty, and solidarity.

With this opportunity, we are excited to announce that the LES team is working together with Giorgio Palù, partnering architect of SG-Tech Italia, on new exciting projects in 2021. We are looking towards sharing with you on technical-material experimentation of LES technology in unique, eye-catching architectural projects.

We wish you a Merry Christmas!

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