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The LES Bright Future

The implementation of innovative technologies and materials in the building industry result in

higher speed, efficiency, and environmental sustainability. Integrating LES technology and glass as an all-in-one system now creates more opportunities for architects and designers to paint light on glass. As a Singapore-grown technology, LES aims to transform the industry by encouraging sustainable lighting design practices.

To achieve that, LES has established manufacturing facilities with quality insurance systems in place.

Our dedicated team of specialists with extensive experience in glass and LES technology ensures smooth manufacturing processes before the Quality House division takes over to complete quality insurance and testing procedures. In compliance with Singapore & International standards, Quality House conducts factory evaluation and testing procedures according to project requirements.

In anticipation of SIA-LES Archifest Pavilion 2020, the LES production team has just completed printing the first glass sample with illuminated photography prints presented at the virtual Opening Forum on 25 September 2020. With the physical build-up of Archifest Pavilion in 2021, we are going to feature how LES technology allows control of light on the glass like never before.

In the meantime, our R&D team in Singapore continues to find ways to bring LES to the new generation of technological development that will bring essential transformation in architecture and design practices.

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