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SG-Glass Pte Ltd and Kingboard Specialty Resins Limited are excited to announce a collaboration with the Singapore Institute of Architects (SIA) on the Archifest Pavilion.

With the use of innovative LES glass technology, SIA-LES Pavilion 2020 emphasizes the need for connectivity and seeks to demonstrate how architecture can save the world.


About Singapore Archifest

Singapore Archifest is an annual festival that celebrates the built environment and architecture. Organized by the Singapore Institute of Architects (SIA), it is a unique platform for architectural possibilities. As a temporary structure accessible by everyone, Archifest offers an exciting program consisting of talks, workshops, and engaging discussion sessions.

Singapore Archifest organized an architectural competition for the Pavilion design, where ADDP Architects, in collaboration with OWIU Design, presented the winning design.

SIA-LES Pavilion 2020

COVID-19 has dramatically changed our world. The environmental, socio-economic, and public health crises have converged for the past few months. ADDP Architects, in collaboration with OWIU Design, will be presenting a unique design for the SIA-LES Pavilion 2020. The Pavilion is also the festival's headquarters, a place where projects are showcased, events are run, and ideas are shared and discussed throughout the festival.

Reclaiming connectivity with LES

The winning design emphasizes the need for connectivity and social distancing. The concept of "Reclaiming Connectivity" presents a unique experience on how individuals connect with the surroundings while maintaining safe distancing.

The design highlights the appreciation of illumination by using photography print on LES glass, seeking to bring people together by achieving a level of transparency while maintaining safe separation.

The Pavilion invites the visitors to take a stroll in the sanctuary, suggesting a journey that feels almost like healing, which both we and our world need. Our world is, at the moment, fractured, fragmented, and antisocial. The Pavilion responds to the festival's theme by calling for connection, for that sociality to be brought back into architecture, to heal and to save our world.

Stay tuned for further updates!

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