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Meinhardt Group visits LES facilities

We are excited to share that Meinhardt Group together with a delegation of architects from France visited LES printing facilities in Singapore.

As Singapore is striving towards being a “Smart Nation”, SG-Tech strongly believes that Light Emitting Surfaces (LES) technology will become a revolutionary lighting solution on glass for a wide range of architectural and interior applications.

Certified by SGBC (Singapore Green Building Council), Light Emitting Surfaces (LES) can be viewed as a Beacon for Green Technology due to energy-saving characteristics.

We have setup LES Research & Development facilities at Ispace, Singapore. With a local production capacity, now LES samples can be printed within a shorter time frame.

At the very moment, our LES printing facilities are equipped with a testing laboratory, where a team of testing specialists is developing the second generation of LES technology.

“The science of today is the technology of tomorrow.” - Edward Teller.

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