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DP Architects : Lunch Talk

Population growth and the use of materials for building construction is increasingly becoming a crucial issue for the building industry. That requires a change in how we use available resources to the maximum. Architects have to think not just about technical performance but sustainability as a way to solve global issues, such as artificial light pollution.

To meet the urgent need to address this global issue, on 3rd October 2019, SG-Tech Pte Ltd hosted a Lunch Talk with DP Architects Pte Ltd.

DP Architects is one of the most prominent architectural companies, locally and globally. As a leader in sustainable design, DP Architects offers a range of innovative design solutions.

It has been a great opportunity for SG-Tech to demonstrate how LES technology can be in a holistic attitude in relation to the design principles and at the same time provide ambient lighting, as for the past many years we have lost the ability to dialogue with nature through excessive use of LED lighting at night.

To make sure continuous improvement of LES, our printing facilities are equipped with a testing laboratory, where a team of testing specialists is developing the second generation of LES technology.

We want to thank DP Architects Pte Ltd for attending LES seminar.

We are looking forward to making a difference with LES light print technology.

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