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Surbana Jurong: Lunch Talk

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

“Success in the future starts now.”

Technological advancement is shaping the future faster than we can imagine, affecting just about every industry in its wake. To manage the risk in this ever-changing environment, companies have to keep up to date with advancements in technologies.

On September 16, SG-Tech Pte Ltd hosted a lunch seminar at Surbana Jurong, a technological leader. Leveraging on innovations, Surbana Jurong offers best-in-class consultancy solutions across the entire value chain of the urbanization and infrastructure domains.

It has been a pleasure to meet a group of Surbana Jurong professionals and introduce LES (Light Emitting Surfaces) technology. Our team of technical specialists demonstrated LES performance by translating technology ideas into a practical example.

We want to say a “thank you” to Surbana Jurong team for joining the LES seminar.

Looking forward to future collaboration.

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