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LES Showroom Opening in Guangzhou

We are delighted to announce the official opening of the LES Showroom in Guangzhou, China.

Just a few months ago, we officially opened LES Showroom in Singapore, and now Light Emitting Surfaces (LES) opened its doors in the Guangzhou market. It is inspiring to have our partners and clients enjoying a holistic LES environment and exploring state-of-the-art applications.

The showroom is divided into multiple sections, in a way that creates an escalating excitement of boundless application opportunities. Featuring an illumination of moonshine through the clarity of LES glass panels will dive you in harmony with warm and cold lighting.

We have successfully launched and showcased a new generation of LES mirrors and signage panels with 3D effects. Our objective is to launch new print designs and continue expanding our product range of the non-invasive lighting solutions.

It is always a fascinating experience to open LES Showrooms worldwide, where we can showcase the recent Singapore technological advances and provide a unique guest experience.

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