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BEX Asia 2019- Singapore

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

SG-Tech Pte Ltd has presented its Home Grown World Patented technology, Light Emitting Surfaces (LES), at BEX Asia 2019, Region’s Architectural Exhibition for the Built Environment.

Lighting on glass has always been one of the biggest challenges the market is facing. With so many glass technologies developed in the market, after three (3) years of continuous Research & Development, SG-Tech introduced a revolutionary light printing technology on the glass.

Through the integration of light and glass as one system, the next generation of building materials has been presented to the visitors:

- Moonglass Panel

- Moonglass Railing

- Moonglass Canopy

- Moonglass Mirror

With no heat produced, LES allows you to conveniently light up the whole surface area with uniform diffusion of light, with minimal energy consumption. Certified by Singapore Green Building Council, Light Emitting Surfaces technology is committed to energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. 

We want to thank all our partners, clients, and prospects who visited us at BEX Asia 2019.

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