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Introducing new T.Blue color

Singapore, (May 14, 2020) – Light Emitting Surfaces, committed to provide energy-efficient solutions and create a positive change on the environment, introduces its new “T-Blue” color with a unique combination of colours to spark creativity.

What is T. Blue color?

T. Blue is a medium to deep blue-green colour with optimism and healing properties. It is the colour of restfulness and spiritual balance. Feel relaxed and serene with optimized ambient LES lighting and negated intensity of potentially harmful light. Not only is T. Blue environmentally friendly, but it has been tested with a longer lifespan and higher brightness.

What is Color Psychology?

Colour is a powerful communication tool that can influence mood, emotions and even physiological reactions. Some colours may cause increased blood pressure, changes in metabolism, and even cause eyestrain. It is important to highlight that the impact of certain colours can also be personal and rooted in our culture.

How colors influence us

As mentioned earlier, colour may be a powerful force in our lives. It is good to understand the effects of colours on our bodies and minds. Despite the personal and cultural differences in colour perception, some colour effects have universal meaning.

Colours in the red range of the colour spectrum are warm colours that include yellow, orange and, red. Those colours may evoke a range of emotions from feeling comfort to feeling angry.

Colours in the blue range of colour spectrum are cool colours that include green, purple, and blue. Those colours have healing and calming properties, but also might cause feelings of sadness.

Blue / High-Energy Visible (HEV) Light

The colour blue, when combined with light, has gotten a bad reputation for being unhealthy caused by electronic devices. Staring at a computer/phone screen for a longer time may lead to eye strain.

LES takes advantages of the benefits of cool colours while reducing its negative effects that normal light emitters. LED/LCD/etc. screens light intensity are measured by candelas/metre square (cd/m2). Phone screens and tablets average at around 400-600 cd/m2

LES averages at12 cd/m2, a comfortable and well-suited intensity for direct viewing.

LES Lifestyle

Cool colours can be positive and healthy for our bodies. It's well documented that some blue light exposure is essential for good health. Research has shown that high-energy visible light boosts alertness, helps memory and cognitive function, and elevates mood.

Just as how warm light primes our body for action, the new T.Blue colour helps tune our body to rest just when the night falls.

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