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East meets West: Future of LES

Continuous Research and Development usually requires as much time and emphasis as inventing the technology itself. With such a framework in mind, breakthrough innovations commit more to create a positive change.

To solve a global challenge of “Light Pollution,” Light Emitting Surfaces (LES) technology is successfully introduced in Europe. LES management team has been invited by the University of Calabria to discuss how LES technology can bring back the night sky and change the night scene of the city.

The University of Calabria is one of the largest state-run universities in Italy. With a clear strategy for the development of its international dimension, University of Calabria has established contacts with foreign universities and international organizations. As a form of the mission, the strategy will be further applied through trans-national research projects.

We are excited to announce that the University of Calabria and LES team reached a preliminary cooperation agreement to study related topics. Together with a group of professors from different faculties we will be working on how Light Emitting Surfaces (LES) technology can help to reduce light pollution and protect the environment.

Looking forward to join the efforts in creating awareness on Light Pollution.

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