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CIExpo 2019- Hong Kong

It has been a fantastic year for all of us!

We are excited to share the successful completion of CIExpo 2019 in Hong Kong, from 17 to 20 December 2019.

The event was co-organized by the Development Bureau of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Centre of Science and Technology Industrial Development, Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the People’s Republic of China and the Construction Industry Council.

Colour gradient LES glass
Colour gradient LES glass

The Asia region has experienced a growth in the construction industry, which resulted in the consequential need for building innovations.

CIExpo 2019 is an excellent business platform for LES team to share on the latest Singapore grown technologies and equip the industry professionals with the knowledge of how we can make a difference as an innovative solution provider.

It brings together the companies and people redefining the construction industry through finding innovative materials and technologies.

Multicolour LES glass
Multicolour LES glass

This is the first time for LES team to be a part of CIExpo, where we could see a real diverse range of clients, including start-ups, established companies, and Government organisations.

There is a value not just for making new connections, but also for introducing a World Patented Singapore Grown Technology – Light Emitting Surfaces (LES).

Heat resistant LES glass
Heat resistant LES glass

In collaboration with KB PVB, Hong Kong leading manufacturing company, we have created NEW designs and effects for Light Emitting Surfaces(LES) multifunctional glass, using different types of PVB interlayer.

Soundproof LES glass
Soundproof LES glass

With a good-quality crowd of more than 10,000 people, CIExpo 2019 was an excellent opportunity for SG-Glass to find the future projects that we can collaborate on with industry professionals ranging from Government organizations to building material manufacturers.

We believe that together with LES ambient lighting we will be able to make a big difference in resolving the “Light Pollution” problem that affects environment and eco-systems, particularly in Singapore and Hong Kong.

2020 will be a great year for LES team and its partners to share the ongoing exterior & interior projects featuring LES technology.

We sincerely thank everyone for visiting our booth at CIC Construction Innovation Expo!

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